Insulation board density

Insulation board density?

Everyone can go through Google search to find out about this keyword. Almost every day people are searching. In our electrical industry, it is still quite popular. I think that my explanation of this may not be very good, so I refer to some of the information. Talk to everyone about this topic.

fr4 epoxy sheet

FR-4 Epoxy glass cloth laminates, depending on the use of different uses, the industry generally known as: FR-4 Epoxy Glass Cloth, insulation board, epoxy board, brominated epoxy board, FR-4, fiberglass board ,Glass Fiber Board,FR-4 Reinforcement Board,FPC Reinforcement Board,Flexible Circuit Board Reinforcement Board,FR-4 Epoxy Resin Board,Flame Retardant Insulation Board,FR-4 Laminate Board,FR- 4 light board, FR-4 fiberglass board, epoxy glass cloth board, epoxy glass cloth laminate board, circuit board drilling pad. The main technical features and applications: stable electrical insulation, good flatness, smooth surface, no pits, thickness tolerance standards, suitable for high-performance electronic insulation products. FR-4 uses FR-4 epoxy glass fiber board (epoxy board), the main material is imported prepreg, the color is white, yellow, green, still high mechanical strength at room temperature 150 °C, dry, wet electrical Good performance, flame-retardant, used in electrical and electronic industries and other insulation structure parts, using imported raw materials, domestic presses and standard processes carefully manufactured; The main specifications are 1000*2000mm1020mm*1220mm.

fr4 fiberglass epoxy

Insulation Board Standard In China:

Power distribution room voltage 10KV selected 8mm thick industrial frequency withstand voltage test 10000V 1 minute without breakdown, in the frequency withstand test 18000V, 20 seconds breakdown. Distribution room voltage 35KV 10-12mm thick frequency withstand voltage test 15000V 1 minute No breakdown, in the frequency withstand voltage test 26000V, 20 seconds breakdown. Distribution room low voltage selection 5mm thickness 500V below the frequency frequency withstand voltage test 3500V 1 minute does not breakdown, in the industrial frequency withstand voltage test 10000V, 20 seconds do not hit wear!
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