Insulation board afraid of static electricity

Is insulation board afraid of static electricity?” Yes, the insulation board is the most afraid of static electricity, so in the production process must pay attention to anti-static.

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First of all, let’s understand what is the static phenomenon?

Static electricity is an objective natural phenomenon, and there are many ways to produce it, such as contact, friction, turbulence and so on. The basic process that it produces can be summarized as: contact → charge → transfer → couple layer formation → charge separation. Static electricity on equipment or human body can reach tens of thousands volts to hundreds of thousands of volts, and often hundreds to thousands of volts under normal operating conditions. The human body can bring a few kilovolts or even tens of thousands of volts of static electricity due to its own actions and the contact-disengagement, friction, or induction of other objects. Electrostatic charges are the result of the loss of balance between positive and negative charges in local areas. It is a type of electrical energy that is left in the presence of objects. It has the characteristics of high potential, low electricity, small current, and short action time.

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What are the main measures for static control?

Leakage and dissipation of static electricity, electrostatic neutralization, electrostatic shielding and grounding, and humidification. Component breakdown damage caused by electrostatic discharge is the most common and serious electrostatic hazard in the electronics industry. It is divided into hard breakdown and soft breakdown. Hard breakdown is a one-time cause component dielectric breakdown, burning or permanent failure; soft breakdown is caused by device performance degradation or parameter index decline.

The generation of static electricity is generally frictional electrification and human body electrostatics, and these two are two major sources of harm in the electronics and microelectronics industry. The harm lies in the accumulation of electrostatic charges and the resulting electrostatic discharge, burning or hitting. Wear electronic components, resulting in a high rate of defective products, sparks caused by discharge sparks, etc., and therefore must be controlled. In the production process of electronic products, the components and components of finished products often come in contact with and separate from the equipment and tools, generate static electricity due to friction, and must use antistatic cushions, turnover carts, maintenance kits, tools, work chairs (stools), etc. With proper grounding, discharge static electricity quickly. In order to transmit and store electrostatically sensitive components and printed circuit boards between processes in the production process, anti-static charging boxes, component boxes, turnover boxes, and turnover trays must be used. To prevent the accumulation of static electricity hazards. When electrostatic sensitive components and printed circuit boards are packaged as finished products, they must use anti-static shielding bags, packaging bags, packaging boxes, bars, baskets, etc. to avoid electrostatic damage during transportation.

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Electrostatic objects that form an electrostatic field around them will produce mechanical, electrical, and electrostatic induction effects. Due to the mechanical effect of static electricity, floating dust particles in the air will be adsorbed on electronic components such as silicon wafers, seriously affecting the quality of electronic products. Therefore, antistatic measures must be taken to clean the working space. Cleanroom walls, ceilings, and floors should all be made of anti-static, non-dusting material, and a series of static protection measures should be taken for operators, workpieces, and appliances.

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