Insulation protection is an indication of the device’s insulation barrier, protective resistance and current voltage design ratio and material properties. At high temperatures, insulating paints are more resistant to high temperatures and corrosion. High-temperature insulation paint has outstanding acid and alkali corrosion resistance, full bright, high hardness, good paint film decoration, excellent gloss, color retention, high temperature, does not affect the welding performance, curing time, room temperature curing, high Adhesion, good mechanical properties.

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Zhisheng Weihua ZS-1091 high temperature insulation paint is self-drying paint with good resistance to salt spray, hot and humid, and water resistance. Insulating paint belongs to the field of functional paints. It has excellent properties such as insulation, temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, abrasion resistance and high hardness, good oxidation resistance and thermal shock resistance, and moderate thermal expansion coefficient. In order to ensure that the performance of the insulating lacquer coating is effectively improved, the quality of the ceramic coating on the sample surface with a complex shape is improved.

Zhisheng Weihua Co., Ltd. in the production process of high-temperature insulation paint, strictly in accordance with the standards of space research laboratories, control the production process of paint raw materials, avoid mixed ions or metal molecules, ions, try to increase the glass phase of raw materials, reduce raw materials For the glass phase brings the secondary coating conductivity.

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Zhisheng Weihua ZS-1091 high-temperature insulation paint fine production but also to strengthen the generated part of the details, such as temperature, humidity, atmosphere, etc., to avoid unnecessary paint with free ions, hole electrons and reduction of oxidation of electrons, It is also necessary to avoid lattice defects caused by the conversion of inorganic lattice materials during deep processing in production so as not to affect the conductivity of the coating.

Among them, high-temperature insulating paint, using Zhisheng Weihua special high temperature solution, long-term temperature can reach 1800 °C, water-based inorganic ceramic materials, paint using pure inorganic polymer high temperature solution, pigments made of high-resistance inorganic crystal material finishing. Insulating paint can work at 1700°C for a long time, with volume resistivity greater than 1016m, dielectric strength (breakdown strength), greater than 104KV/m, good chemical stability, aging resistance, corrosion resistance, good oxidation resistance, no Flash point, ignition point, high hardness, hardness greater than 7H.ZS-1091 high temperature insulation paint, maximum temperature resistance 1700°C, can form a layer on the surface of the coated object with high volume resistivity, can withstand strong electric field without being breakdown.

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