Insulating paper/cable paper

Insulating paper/cable paper

Product Description:

Also known as cable insulation paper. An insulating paper for high-voltage power cables, control cables and signal cables. It is wrapped in the outermost layer of the cable to protect the insulating layer of the conductive core from moisture intrusion and damage to the insulating layer. For web. The quantification is 45 ~ 175g/m2.

Paper is tough and smooth. It has higher tensile strength, folding resistance and tear strength. It contains no metals, sand grains and acidic materials that can conduct electricity. The dielectric constant is high. The power factor is low. When treated with insulating liquid, the stability of paper is good. Its varieties are classified according to different thickness or color. The unbleached kraft coniferous pulp was made from unbleached kraft coniferous pulp by free beating without sizing or filling. Turn to turn insulation for wires or cables.

cable paper

Product characteristics:

1. Insulating materials are mostly of different types because of their different physical properties, temperature, humidity, chemical resistance and so on. Insulating paper is one of them.
2. Insulation paper can be used according to the thickness of different types of specifications, staff can be adjusted according to the actual length required.
3. Under the premise of the original cable paper, the cable paper tape can be cut into various widths, which can effectively control the cost, save time, improve efficiency and reduce a lot of troubles.

Specifications and thickness:
1, cable paper: D130, D90, D80, D75, etc.
2, cable tape: D70, D60, D50, etc.
3. Thickness of cable paper: 130um, 170um, 200um, 80um, 75um, 70UM, 50um

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