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Insulation materials, the main performance indicators
In order to prevent insulation damage caused by insulation material accident, the insulation material must meet the performance requirements of national standards. The performance indicators of many insulating materials, a variety of insulating material properties are also different, the main performance indicators commonly used insulating materials breakdown strength, heat resistance, insulation resistance and mechanical strength.
(1) breakdown strength. Insulation materials in a higher than a certain value of the electric field strength, will damage and loss of insulation properties, a phenomenon known as breakdown. The electric field strength when the insulating material is punctured is called the breakdown strength, the unit is: kV / mm.
(2) heat resistance. When the temperature rises, the insulation material resistance, breakdown strength, mechanical strength and other properties will be reduced. Therefore, it is required that the insulating material can work for a long time at a prescribed temperature and the insulating property can be reliably ensured. Insulation materials of different compositions have different degrees of heat resistance, and the heat resistance grades can be divided into seven grades of Y, A, E, B, F, H, C and the like, and the maximum extreme working temperature is specified for each grade of insulating material.
(3) Insulation resistance. Insulation material resistance value is presented as insulation resistance, under normal conditions, the insulation resistance is generally up to tens of megaohms. Insulation resistance due to temperature, thickness, surface conditions (moisture, dirt, etc.) there will be a big difference
(4) Mechanical strength. According to the specific requirements of a variety of insulating materials, the corresponding provisions of the tensile, compression, bending, shear, tear, impact and other various strength indicators, collectively referred to as mechanical strength.
(5) Other characteristics index. Some insulating materials in liquid form, such as a variety of insulating paint, the characteristics of indicators include viscosity, fixed content, acid value, drying time and gelling time. Some indicators of insulation properties also related to permeability, oil resistance, elongation, shrinkage, solvent resistance, arc resistance, etc.
Insulation materials are the foundation and guarantee for the development of electrotechnical products and have a particularly important role in the development of electrical and electrical industries. The development and progress of insulation materials depend on the development of polymer materials and the direct control and influence on the development of electrical products progress.
Insulation materials are the key to advanced technology of electrical products, and also an important guarantee for long-term safe and reliable operation of electrical products. Therefore, the requirements of the continuous development of new insulation materials, improve product performance and quality to meet the continuous development of electrical products.
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