What are the commonly used insulating materials?

    What are the commonly used insulating materials?

    What is insulating material? What are the types of insulation materials? What are the common insulation materials? Recently, many friends have consulted us about this type of problem through telephone, internet, etc. The Henan Zhongtian Electrical Equipment Group is a professional manufacturer of insulation materials and provides manufacturers with answers to their questions.

1. What is a magnetic field?

A: Magnetic poles or moving charges have a magnetic force around magnetic poles or any current loops and inside and outside magnetized objects. This magnetically active space is called a magnetic field. It is similar to the electric field and also has the characteristics of force and energy.

2. What are the main types of insulation materials?

A: Insulating materials are also called dielectrics. Popularly speaking, insulating material is a material that can prevent current from passing therethrough, that is, non-conductive material. Commonly used insulating materials are: gases: such as air, sulfur hexafluoride, etc. Liquids: such as transformer oil, cable oil, capacitor oil, etc.; Solid materials: include two types, one is inorganic insulating material such as mica, asbestos, electric porcelain, glass, and the other is organic material such as paper, cotton yarn, wood, Plastic and so on.

Insulating sheet

3. What is a soft magnetic material and what are its characteristics and uses?

A: Soft magnetic materials refer to ferromagnetic materials with small remanence and coercive force, such as silicon steel sheets, pure iron, and the like. Features are easy magnetization, easy demagnetization and narrow hysteresis loop. Soft magnetic materials are commonly used to make iron cores for electric motors, transformers, and electromagnets.

Features are not easily magnetized, it is not easy to lose magnetism, hysteresis loop wide.

Hard magnetic materials are often used to make various permanent magnets, speaker magnets, and memory devices in electronic circuits.

4. What are eddy currents and what are the pros and cons in production?

Answer: The internal conductor (including ferromagnetic material) in the alternating magnetic field will induce a closed loop current in the cross section perpendicular to the direction of the magnetic force line, which is called eddy current.

Lee: The eddy current principle can be used to make induction furnaces to smelt metals; eddy currents can be used to make magnetoelectric and inductive electrical instruments; and the dampers in wattmeters are also made using eddy current principles.

Cons: In motors, transformers and other equipment, due to the presence of eddy currents will cause additional losses, while the weakening of the magnetic field causes the efficiency of electrical equipment to reduce, so that the capacity of the equipment can not be fully utilized.

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