Z-250 alkali glass fiber strip

USES and features:The product is made of non-alkali glass fiber yarn and has certain heat resistance and insulation. It is suitable for the coil binding of motor and electrical appliances.

Technical conditions:


Thickness: 0.06–0.20 mm

Width: 15.20 — 25.3 mm

Fracture strength:≥400N/20mm

Z-255 alkali free glass fiber strip

USES and features:

It adopts without alkali preserved high strength glass fiber yarn weaving and become, has a certain heat resistance and insulation, widely used in dry type transformer and high motor, electrical products and products made coil binding.

Technical conditions:


Thickness: 0.10mm–0.20mm

Width: 10–300


Fracture strength:≥400N/20mm


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