Insulating board excellent toughness can be processed into various shapes

Insulating tubing has excellent insulation properties and high temperature resistance, and can be used for a long time under high temperature of 1000°C. It is widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, household appliances and other industries, such as household hair dryers, irons, heating coils, hair curlers , Electric comb, industrial frequency furnace, intermediate frequency furnace, electric arc furnace, steelmaking furnace, submerged arc furnace, ferroalloy furnace, electrolytic aluminum electrolytic tank, injection molding machine motor insulation, etc.

Mica plate excellent product performance: excellent high temperature insulation performance, the highest temperature up to 1000 °C. Excellent electrical insulation performance, the breakdown resistance index of ordinary products is as high as 20KV/mm. Excellent bending strength and processing performance. The product has high bending strength and excellent toughness. It can be punched into various shapes without delamination. Excellent environmental performance, when the heating is less smoke and small odor, and even smokeless and odorless.

Epoxy tube is made of electroless E-glass fiber cloth impregnated with epoxy resin, after baking, forming the mold after the hot press processed cross-section, circular rods The glass cloth rods have high mechanical properties. Dielectric properties and good machinability. Suitable for electrical components in insulating structures, and can be used in humid environment and in transformer oil. Epoxy pipe manufacturing process can be divided into wet roll, dry roll, pultrusion, wire wound four kinds of molding.

Epoxy tube with high mechanical strength, suitable for more demanding use environment; coating adhesion, high bonding strength, good impact resistance; internal and external coating can prevent metal oxidation, has good chemical resistance; coating Plastic pipe anti-aging, long life, especially suitable for buried water. The surface appearance of the epoxy tube should be smooth and smooth, free of bubbles, oil and impurities, and allowed to have undisturbed color unevenness, scratches, and slight height inequality. The epoxy tube with a wall thickness of more than 3 mm allows the end face or cross section to not interfere with use. Cracks.

Epoxy board is mainly made of epoxy resin and glass fiber cloth. The two materials are non-toxic. However, due to the addition of solvents and other toxic substances during the production process, many epoxy boards are “toxic”. Epoxy resin industry is through the water-based modification, avoid adding and other ways to maintain the epoxy resin “non-toxic” nature. Epoxy resins are generally used together with additives to obtain application value. Additives can be selected for different applications. Common additives include the following types: Curing Agents; Modifiers; Fillers; Diluents; Others.

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