Influence of temperature on insulating material

Influence of temperature grade on service life of transformer insulation materials

Everyone knows that high temperature has a great impact on transformer insulation materials, the higher the general temperature, the worse the insulation performance of the material. But what does the specific temperature affect on its life? I think a lot of non industry people are not clear. For this reason, I summarized the relevant information as follows.

electrical insulation

First of all, we have a brief understanding of insulation materials.

It has a dielectric, which follows the principle of high resistivity and poor electrical conductivity. It is mainly insulated from conductors or conductors of different electrical conductivity. The insulation materials commonly used for transformers have the functions of support, heat dissipation, high temperature resistance, arc resistance and moisture-proof.

Next, I will talk about the influence of temperature level on the life of insulation materials.

(1) class a temperature: generally every 8 degrees rise, its insulation performance will be reduced by half.
(2) B class temperature: life expectancy will be halved by 10 degrees.
(3) H class temperature: 12 degrees per increase, life expectancy premature aging.

But the development of scientific research is very fast now, so long as you use it properly, the life of insulating material is at least 20 years. The lifetime of a material is closely related to its molecular composition and structure. If you want to know more about it, please visit our website.

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