Impregnated insulation material – cotton

Impregnated insulation material – cotton

There are many types of electrical insulation materials, and I believe that not everyone knows about it. Today we will discuss, an electrically insulating material that is often overlooked – cotton. I believe many people can’t understand why cotton is also called insulation. please look below.

Cotton silk is a necessity in people’s daily life, and is generally used to make clothes and bedding. At the same time, cotton silk is also the insulating material commonly used by electricians.

The main characteristics of cotton silk insulation are as follows:

1. The surface of cotton silk insulation material is smooth and flat, with high cleanliness and less bristles, but the presence of foreign impurities can cause breakdown and reduce the overall insulation performance;
2. Because of the uniform structure of thiskind of insulating material, it has good mechanical strength at a certain thickness.
3. The pulp content of the cotton silk insulation material should be as small as possible, because when the slurry content is too large, it is easy to mold in the process of preservation, and it also affects the impregnation performance of the insulation material.
4. It has a moderate elongation during stretching, avoiding too much deformation during the process of impregnating the resin, and affecting the process control during the production of the laminate.

Insulating impregnating materials commonly used in industry – varnish and lacquer are mainly made of cotton and silk. They can be used as insulation for general motors and electrical appliances. The main features are high strength and good flexibility.

In this way, I believe that everyone has already understood the insulating material – cotton. Friends who need to purchase electrical insulation materials, welcome to visit our website to visit various insulation materials!impregnated insulation fiber

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