How to process the epoxy plate

How to process the epoxy plate

Epoxy board, we are certainly familiar with this kind of insulation material, we all know that it has a good insulation, high temperature resistance, good machinability and other characteristics. However, you may be familiar with the processing technology of epoxy board.

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1. The mechanical properties are good. Under different environment, such as temperature, medium, humidity and other different environment, all kinds of applied loads, such as stretching, bending, impact and turning, can show stable performance.

2. Strong adaptability. Epoxy panels can be adapted to various forms of requirements, which range from very low viscosity to high melting point solids.

3, the curing temperature range is wide. Its temperature range can be cured within 0-180 degrees. It’s convenient for people to make it.

4, the contractility is low. No water or other volatile substances are released during the processing. The shrinkage rate in the whole curing process is very low, generally less than 2%.

5. Strong adhesion. Because of the existence of polar hydroxyl and ether bonds, the molecules have good adhesion. Moreover, the internal stress produced by molecules is small, and naturally the adhesion force between them is very strong.

The above are the five advantages of epoxy plate processing technology. It is not difficult to see from its material characteristics that these characteristics of the smooth surface of the sheet metal, the appearance of flatness has a great role.

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