How to maintain the insulation on the transformer?

How to maintain the insulation on the transformer?

The insulation material used in the transformer can be roughly divided into three kinds, namely: liquid (transformer oil), gas (SF6) and solid (insulating board) for the GIS side of high pressure casing. As the manufacturer of transformers and the manufacturer of electrical insulation materials, I analyze the daily maintenance details of solid insulation materials.

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First, what is the specific insulating material used for transformers?

As China’s electricity consumption continues to rise, the current high voltage up to 1 million volts, the number is huge. Moreover, the transformer works twenty-four hours a day without interruption, which is a severe test to the high temperature resistance of insulation materials. In this case, new and environmentally-friendly insulation material FR-4 epoxy plate arises at the historic moment. Its high temperature resistance rating is B, which is the best choice for transformer insulation.

How do I see how to maintain insulation materials on transformers?

1. Prevent transformer overload delivery. For a short time, if long, this will accelerate the aging of insulation materials, make it die early, the light cause short circuit, heavy casualties are possible.

2. Regular test. In this way, we can not only eliminate unnecessary safety risks, but also find problems and solve problems in time. For example, long time overload of transformer can cause the aging of transformer oil. Too high oil temperature will accelerate the formation of sludge, water and acid. Although FR-4 epoxy board is corrosion resistant, there are certain limits. If you find it early, it can be said to be in the bud.

3. Special person creation. The transformer who knows the transformer will not cause a lot of misoperation during operation, resulting in the damage of insulation materials.

4. Prevent the overhaul inadvertently to destroy the insulation. When the transformer is overhauling the core, it should pay attention to the protection of the coil or the insulating sleeve. If there is any scratch damage, it should be dealt with in time.

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