How to judge the performance of insulation material

How to judge the performance of insulation material

Insulating materials we know there are gases, liquids and solid forms, commonly known as solid insulation materials, such as epoxy board, plastic, rubber and so on. However, the requirements of different electrical equipment for insulation material performance should be focused on each kind of insulation material must have a performance evaluation method, the performance of insulation material will be affected by many factors, the factors of themselves and the outside are inevitable.

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The macro properties of insulating materials, such as heat resistance, mechanical strength and corrosion resistance, are all related to chemical composition and molecular structure, and their own volume insulation resistance is one of the main indicators used to judge insulating materials. Generally speaking, the volume of insulating materials is specified, because the greater the volume resistance, the greater the resistance on the surface.

In addition, an important factor affecting the performance of insulating materials is the polarity of molecules and the content of polar components. The dielectric constant and dielectric loss of polar insulating materials are higher than those of non-polar insulating materials, so it is easy to absorb impurity ions and thus reduce the dielectric properties. Therefore, for the company of insulation material production and processing, it is the most important work to keep the insulating material in the process of production and processing, and to keep the material from the material not to be polluted.

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