How to increase the life of the epoxy rod

How to increase the life of the epoxy rod

With the development of the electronic industry, a variety of electronic and electrical products pour into the market. For example, mobile phones, computers, machinery, and so on. To diversify people’s lives. Epoxy rods as insulating materials also play an important role.

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In many electronics factories, industrial waste, dust more, plus electronic, electrical appliances in the work, the production of magnetic field, attract a large amount of dust, if you do not pay attention, it will lead to the early death of electrical equipment, this is absolutely not a majestic aliman, called your mechanical health, early action. The details of the insulation must be noticed if you want to keep your mechanical life for a long time.
How to increase the life of the epoxy rod

1. Before purchase must carry on the actual inspection, choose the good manufacturer, not only the quality has the guarantee, from after after sale service and so on also guarantee, do not figure for a moment of cheap, buy inferior products, and finally lose their own interests.

2. Selection of good insulation materials, long-term work of machinery, overload operation, will produce a lot of heat, so that the machinery is suffering. It accelerates the aging of materials and reduces the life of materials. Epoxy rod is an imported advanced production technology, is a good heat-resistant material, heat-resistant grade B.

3. It is necessary to popularize the basic knowledge of insulating materials. Professional staff cleaning, maintenance, can increase the life of epoxy rods. Machinery life will also increase, I think we do not want to change materials often. Not only trouble, but also money.

4. Get in touch with the customer service center immediately. What are the small problems that can be solved immediately?

As to how to increase the life of epoxy stick, I’ll tell you so much, we want to know more about epoxy sticks, can search on Baidu, and can consult online. We have professional technicians to explain to you and look forward to your call.

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