How to identify the epoxy plate is qualified?

Do you want to tell whether the epoxy board is qualified? It’s far from enough to see whether there is a certificate. How do you have a pair of eyes to distinguish whether the panel is qualified? I think you will have a good idea after reading this article.

epoxy glass plate

How to identify the epoxy plate is qualified?

(1) Understand the product. First of all, we have a preliminary understanding of the performance characteristics of epoxy panels. Only by knowing the product can we distinguish the quality of the sheet.

(2) Look at the manufacturer’s instructions. Of course not to let you see the performance features, specifications, storage temperature and other information, but to see whether the description of the specification is standardized, the description of the belief is wrong, the whole instruction is tidy and so on details. A professional, formal manufacturer’s specification is naturally standardized, and the quality is guaranteed.

(3) Look at the idea of the enterprise. A company just to make money, I think its quality can not be guaranteed. But for a cause and long-term development, I don’t think it will be a fake because it has a long view.

(4) Comprehensive evaluation of the appearance of the plate. Whether the light is smooth, whether the workmanship is fine, the color is pure, the precision of the size and size is accurate, these are all factors to evaluate the quality of the product.

In addition to this, we can also see how its high temperature resistance, the burning of smoke, whether there is a large amount of dust, or whether the water can be deformed, and so on, I will not explain here. I suggest that you must not be tempted by low prices when buying, “there is no free lunch in the world,” and businesses can’t sell high performance epoxy boards at low prices.

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