Electrical Insulating Material – How to Distinguish the Bakelite Sheet

How to distinguish the bakelite sheet

Bakelite board is made of paper or cotton as reinforcing material and phenolic resin as adhesive. It has a very important application in electronics, electrician and other industries. There are countless materials on the market. For those who have just touched the bakelite board, I don’t know how to distinguish them.

bakelite sheet

This article will tell you about bakelite sheet in detail, hoping to help you after seeing it.

Appearance: the color of the bakelite board is brown, yellowish brown or dark brown. There may be some color particles on the board, and even if the coloring is very uniform, it may have, and some of the color particles are made by packing (such as textile fibers). The board is smooth and smooth, like a spray of paint, and feels no rough feeling.

Sound: knocking on the bakelite sheet, you’ll hear a clear sound, not a muddy, thin, softer, thicker sound.

Smell: when the bakelite board burns, you will smell a scorched smell. Of course, it is best not to use this method, because it is somewhat toxic.

Performance: Although the phenolic board is not excellent in performance, it is also good, insulation is not conductive, easy to machine processing, the use of temperature range of -50 degrees ~100 degrees.

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If the bakelite board is stained for a long time, it can be cleaned with a sponge or toothbrush with detergent or toothpaste. If the surface is dim or scratched, it can be polished with paraffin, and some can be polished with chromium.

The bakelite sheet is one of the most common laminate. It is also the most widely used and most used industrial laminated plate so far. If you need this material, you can come to our company, Zhongtian Electric Equipment Group welcome you. Guess what you like:  what’s the difference between bakelite board and epoxy board.

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