How to deal with fiberglass trim

How to deal with fiberglass trim

fiberglass laminate sheet

Speaking of the trim of the fiberglass board, most people will find it worthless, and the way to take it is to throw it away.

Yes, most of the manufacturers now deal with waste by finding a dump or a big pit and throwing it away. No one cares about the use of these wastes. In fact, this approach is wrong. We can’t underestimate these scraps and scraps. They are also important raw materials for many products, such as asbestos tiles, glass reinforced plastic tiles, hand lay-up reinforcements, etc. There are also many networks. Glass fiber scrap scrap purchase information, so it is recommended that glass fiber manufacturers do not throw away those scraps directly, which will not only cause environmental pollution but also lose money, find a place to hoard, accumulate a certain amount and find a buyer is a A lot of income.

Here we want to remind users:
First, the disposal of glass fiber scrap debris should be concentrated in one place to facilitate centralized recycling;
Second, pay attention to the protection of workers, glass fiber particles are easy to stimulate the human skin, please pay attention to protection.

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