How to connect dry-type transformer

When the user uses a dry-type transformer, the method of wiring must be grasped. If a problem occurs in the wiring, it is easy to cause a malfunction. Then what is the wiring method for dry-type transformers? The following Xiaobian will introduce them in detail.
Dry-type transformer wiring method:
1. Short-circuit the “input” and “output” terminals of the transformer and use a megohmmeter to test its insulation resistance to ground. 1000V megohmmeter measurement, the resistance is greater than 2M ohms.
2. The cross-section wiring of transformer input and output power lines should meet the requirements of the current value; it is appropriate to configure the current density according to 2-2.5A/min2.
3. input, output three-phase power supply line should be according to the transformer bus board busbar color yellow, green, red were connected to A phase, B phase, C phase, the neutral line should be connected with the transformer neutral Neutral, grounding line, transformer The housing and the center point of the transformer are connected. The ground and neutral lines that we usually refer to are derived from the neutral point of the transformer. (If the transformer has a chassis, it should be connected with the box ground marking.) Check the input and output lines and confirm that they are correct.
4. first no-load power, observe the test input and output voltage meet the requirements. At the same time, observe abnormal noise, fire, odor and other abnormal phenomena inside the machine. If there is any abnormality, disconnect the input power immediately.
5. When the no-load test is completed and normal, the load can be accessed.

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