How to choose epoxy resin correctly

How to choose epoxy resin correctly? Due to the different performance requirements of the application, there are also different requirements for additives such as epoxy resins and curing agents, modifiers, fillers, and thinners. According to the understanding of me, the choice of epoxy resin can be started from the following aspects:

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How to choose epoxy resin correctly

1, choose from the operating requirements. No need for high temperature resistance, little strength requirements, I hope the epoxy resin can be quick-drying, not easy to lose, you can choose low epoxy resin; if you want permeability, strength is better, you can choose a higher epoxy value Resin.

2, from the use of choice. The best choice for adhesives medium epoxy value (0.25-0.45) of the resin, such as 6101,634; for the casting material is best to use high epoxy (> 0.40) resin, such as 618,6101; as a coating Used generally low epoxy (<0.25) resin, such as 601,604,607,609 and so on.

3, choose from the mechanical strength. As a professional epoxy board manufacturer, Xiao Bian said that the resin with too high epoxy value has higher strength, but it is more brittle. When the epoxy value is medium, the strength at high and low temperatures is good. When the epoxy value is low, the strength at high temperature is poor. Because of the strength and degree of cross-linked degree, high cross-linking degree of the epoxy value after curing is also high, the epoxy value is low, the degree of cross-linking after curing is also low, it causes the difference in strength.

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