How to choose both FR4 epoxy plate and 3240 epoxy plate

How to choose both FR4 epoxy plate and 3240 epoxy plate

FR4 and 3240 are the two types of epoxy plates. They are all made from high temperature pressurized with alkali free glass fiber and epoxy resin. It is an essential material in electrical and electrical industry.When buying insulation materials, people sometimes hesitate to choose which one.

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This article will tell you how to choose these two materials.

How do you choose these two materials? From the point of view of product characteristics, FR4 epoxy board has excellent mechanical processing ability and can be processed into various parts. Its water absorption is very low, almost zero, even after soaking in water for 24 hours, the water absorption rate is only 0.09%. It has good dielectric strength, high voltage resistance, radiation resistance and high temperature and low temperature resistance. The continuous working temperature can reach 150 degrees centigrade. In terms of mechanics, tensile strength and bending strength are also good. The most important thing is that the insulation is good.

The performance of the 3240 epoxy plate is similar to that of FR4, but the difference is a little, the vertical layer is low, the insulation resistance is small after soaking, and the flame retardancy is only UL94VO. In terms of color, the color of FR4 is black and green, while 3240 is yellow and water green. In actual use, 3240 is used in medium and low grade electronic products, while FR4 is used in medium and high grade electronic products.

In terms of price, the price of FR4 epoxy board is more expensive than the 3240 epoxy board. If the requirements for the material are not high, the use of 3240 will save the cost. If the requirement is higher, it will also use the FR4. Commonly used various types of epoxy plate Zhongtian electrical equipment group can produce processing, can come to our company to buy. Guess you like: where can I buy epoxy plates with excellent quality?

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