How to buy insulation material

How to buy insulation material?  Nowadays, the application fields of insulation materials are relatively extensive. It has different requirements for use in different electrical equipment. When we select the insulation material, we need to select the appropriate type according to the characteristics of the insulation material itself.

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1, pay attention to the compression factor. Since many materials absorb moisture, the thickness increases, and the thickness of drying again decreases. This imposes higher requirements on the compressibility of the insulating material and can withstand various deformations and shrinkage conditions.
2, higher heat resistance. For some specific occasions used insulation materials, there are certain requirements for its heat rating. Such as: the application of solar panels, it has high heat-resistance requirements for insulating materials. If the selected insulation material does not reach the appropriate grade, it is likely to shorten the life of the entire device.
3, pay attention to insulation performance. Due to the variety of insulation materials, dielectric strengths such as low cable, capacitive paper, and insulating paperboard are different. Among them, capacitive paper is the best, and cable paper is the next. In the use of different materials, we need to have a basic parameter guide for insulation, and then select the appropriate insulation material according to these parameters.

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4, to strengthen the mechanical properties. For mechanical equipment in many applications, it is inevitable that vibration, pulling, or movement will occur during use, which will make it difficult to apply insulating materials to small parts. If the insulating material has poor mechanical properties, it will be destroyed, thereby weakening its insulation properties. Therefore, in the selection of insulating materials, measuring its mechanical properties is also a very important part.
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