How light is the milky white epoxy plate in the end?

How light is the milky white epoxy plate in the end?

As for the ivory light epoxy board, we all know that its greatest feature is light. How light is that on earth? Are there feathers light? Is this a question in the heart of a lot of friends? Today, I would like to share with you how light it is.

The density of the milky white light epoxy board is 1.2-1.4g/ cubic centimeter. Next I will share with you a group of data on how lightweight this kind of board is.

white epoxy insulation sheet

Thick 0.6 weight 1.5kg/ sheets lightweight 1.1kg/ sheets; thick 0.8 weight 2.0kg/ sheets light weight 1.4kg/ sheets. It’s not hard to see how light the epoxy plate is. This lightweight epoxy sheet is now suitable for high-end electronics, electrical products demand, is now the major brands of mobile phones, tablet computers, leather sleeve pad of choice.

The milky white light epoxy plate, as a new type of plate, not only has the characteristics of light quality, but also has the characteristics of high smooth surface, smooth surface, no concave and convex, and thickness tolerance standard. It is also used for supporting plate, which has the function of automatic dormancy and wake-up for electronic products after adding magnets, and is more environmentally friendly.

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