How does a rectifier transformer phase-shi

How does the rectifier transformer phase-shift? Let’s share my understanding of the basic definition of the phase-shift rectifier transformer.

The method of phase shifting of the rectifier transformer is to use the two windings of the secondary side and the angle connection, which can double the pulse wave number of the rectifier electric furnace. For high-power rectifier equipment, more pulse wave numbers are needed, and the number of pulse waves is increasing for applications such as 18, 24, and 36. Therefore, phase-shifting windings must be installed on the primary side of the rectifier transformer to perform phase shifting. There are three ways to connect the phase-shift winding and the main winding, namely zigzag line, hexagonal line, and delta-side triangle.

At the same time, the regulating voltage range of the rectifier transformer used in the electrochemical industry is much larger than that of the electric furnace transformer. For the chemical salt solution electrolysis, the regulating voltage range of the rectifier transformer is usually 56%–105%. For the aluminum electrolysis, the pressure regulating range is usually It is 5%–105%. Commonly used voltage regulators, such as electric furnace transformers, have variable flux regulators, series transformer voltage regulators and auto-regulator regulators. In addition, due to the characteristics of the rectifying element, the phase angle of conduction of the silicon rectifying element can be directly controlled at the valve side of the rectifying electric furnace, and the average value of the rectified voltage can be smoothly adjusted. This voltage regulation method is called phase-controlled voltage regulation. To achieve phased pressure regulation, one uses a crystal valve tube, and the other is a self-saturating reactor. A self-saturating reactor consists essentially of a core and two windings. One is the working winding, which is connected in series with the rectifier transformer. Between the secondary winding and the rectifier, the load current flows.

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