High Voltage Electric Power Dry Type Transformer

Performance characteristics

1, easy installation, demolition, covers an area of less, can be installed indoors, outside.
2, energy efficient, just consume a small amount of electricity, you can absorb a lot of heat in the air, the power consumption is only 1 / 3-1 / 4 of the heater.
3, special transformer environmental pollution: no any combustion and emissions, is a sustainable development of environmentally friendly products.
4, special transformer safe and reliable operation: the operation of the entire system without the traditional dryer (fuel, gas or electric heating) may exist flammable, explosive, poisoning, short circuit and other dangerous, is absolutely safe and reliable closed drying system.
5, special transformer long service life, low maintenance costs, is based on the traditional air-conditioning technology developed from mature technology, stable performance, safe and reliable operation, automatic operation-free manual, intelligent control.
6. Comfortable and convenient, high degree of automation, high intelligence: Automatic temperature control device, 24-hour continuous drying operation.

Use environment

1. Elevation not exceeding 1000m;
2. Ambient temperature is not higher than +40 ° C, not lower than -20 ° C;
3. Air relative humidity is not more than 95% (+ 25 ° C);
4. There are methane mixed gas and coal dust, and there is a risk of explosion in place;
5. No strong bumps, vibrations and inclination with the vertical plane does not exceed 15 ° environment;
6. Where there is no corrosive gases and vapors of metals and insulating materials;
7. No dripping and watering place.

Dry-type Transformer

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