High temperature resistant insulating tubes

Analysis of technical indexes of several high temperature resistant insulating tubes

The meaning of the technical index is the specific parameter value of the insulation pipe performance. We are the manufacturer specializing in the insulation pipe, so I have a better understanding of the performance of the following insulating tubes. To this end, I have completed the form of forms to help you better understand it.

fiberglass tube

Product characteristics: mica tube is mechanized, and the electronic measuring device is used for real-time monitoring. The product has smooth inside and outside wall, round integrity and symmetry. The product has high strength, good density and high density.

Through the above data learning, I think you must have a deep understanding of these insulating pipes. Today they are the main insulating sleeves for electrical appliances, motors, electric cooker and other equipment. We are not only suppliers of insulation materials, but also manufacturers. If you need electrical materials, you are welcome to inquire.

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