High quality epoxy board processing factory

High quality epoxy board processing factory

The epoxy board has the characteristics of various forms, convenient curing, strong adhesion, low shrinkage and good mechanical properties. Epoxy board is also called fiberglass board. The main raw materials for making epoxy board are glass fiber and epoxy resin. Different grades of epoxy board can be obtained by using different grades of raw materials and adding different additives.

epoxy resin board

Epoxy board models are: 3240, FR-4, G10, G11, 3240 performance is slightly worse, FR-4 flame retardant use is also the most common, G11’s high temperature resistance is very good, G10 performance is good, there is no halogen The elements do not pollute the environment and are often processed into a variety of parts. Epoxy boards have a high level of abrasion resistance, and the processed parts are now widely used in railway construction. The other superior properties of epoxy boards have been widely used in various industries.

Where to buy epoxy resin? ZTELEC Company specializes in the production of epoxy board and epoxy board processing parts. The size and size can provide drawings processing. Our company has been focusing on the insulating material industry for 10 years. The company chooses imported raw materials for processing, good quality, short delivery time, free samples, strict Check each step to ensure that the finished product is flawless. Zhongtian can also customize phenolic cotton cloth board, electric wood board, electrical paper board, etc. If necessary, please contact us by phone!

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