Heat resistant insulation PVC glassfiber sleeve for electrical wire

fiberglass thermal insulation casing (blank tube, white or beige):

The fiberglass tube is a fiber reinforced textile sleeve and is suitable for continuous
high temperature operation at 500°C. The excellent heat-resistant insulation performance
and low price are one of the economical options for the protection of hoses and cables.
Splashing of molten iron is no longer a problem.
The fiberglass sleeve has a texture-strengthened and untreated structure, so that it has a
very low thermal conductivity. It can be used alone or in other applications where it is
necessary to strengthen the heat insulation source. The size of the pipe, specifications

The main specifications:
Diameter: 8mm-130mm, Thickness: 0.1-5.0mm
Remarks: The specific specifications can be processed according to customer requirements.

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