Heat Resistant Grade of the Epoxy Plate

Epoxy plate is a common electrical insulating material, playing an important role in the field of electronic and electrical appliances. Its insulation performance is closely related to temperature. When the temperature rises, the insulation performance will decline, and when it reaches a certain value, it will not work properly. For better use, we set a maximum allowable temperature for work. When the temperature of the epoxy board is below this temperature, it can play its role normally.

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The heat resistance grades of insulation materials can be divided into six levels: A, E, B, F, H and C. Class A is the lowest grade, and can withstand the highest temperature of 105 degrees Celsius, if not up to this level, can not be used as an insulating material. Then E class, can withstand 120 degrees C; B class can bear 130 degrees; F class can bear 155 degrees C; can withstand 180 degrees centigrade is H class, heat resistance up to 180 degrees above the F grade.

Insulation materials of Grade A are generally impregnated with cotton, silk, paper and other materials. E grade insulation materials include synthetic organic thin films and other organic materials. Insulation materials above grade B are usually made of resin bonded mica, glass fiber, ceramics and so on. Epoxy board as a good insulating material, the heat-resistant grade is generally above grade E, of which G11 epoxy board has the best heat-resistant performance, can reach grade F.

The heat-resistant grade of epoxy board has a close relationship with the material and process. The material used is good and the performance will not be worse. In addition, the temperature and humidity should be well controlled in the production process, so that the environment can be in the best condition to produce high quality products.

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