Green epoxy resin board performance is good?

Green epoxy resin board performance is good

Epoxy board is made of glass fiber pre-impregnated resin and pressed at high temperature, mainly used in industrial and electronic aspects. It has a variety of colors, such as white, yellow, green, dark green, black, and a common type of green color. How does it perform better than other colors of epoxy board?

FR4 Epoxy glass sheet

Green epoxy resin board 

The green epoxy board belongs to the FR-4 model. The FR-4 epoxy board uses an electronic-grade glass fiber cloth that is impregnated with an epoxy resin and then hot-pressed, cooled and cured.

It has a smooth surface, no bubbles, no scratches, no black spots, and a neat cutting surface. The whole board is uniform in thickness, non-slip, and feels particularly good to the touch, smooth and delicate. In terms of performance, high temperature resistance, chemical resistance, insulation, arc resistance, good machinability, and flame retardancy can be used at a temperature of 150°C, and no acid or alkali solution is required to bear corrosion. If the temperature is too high, its flame-retardant ability causes it to extinguish itself after burning and leaving the fire.

Insulating sheet

The green epoxy resin board also has the disadvantage that the halogen added to the flame-retardant effect has some pollution to the environment and also harms the body. Halogen epoxy boards are not allowed in some European countries. However, its price is cheap, and it is still quite used in China.

In general, the performance of the green epoxy resin board is still very good, if you need this material to welcome our company to buy. We also have other kinds of epoxy board, such as 3240, G11, G10, etc., which are also of high quality and affordable. ZTELEC was established for many years and specializes in composite materials industry. There are the most advanced equipment and experienced staff.

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