Glass fiber is harmful to health

Glass fiber is harmful to health

With the rapid development of science, the environmental protection work has been paid more and more attention, and the improvement of human survival and self protection ability and consciousness, the Ministry has put forward higher requirements to the scientific researchers. When you design and research a material, the assessment of the impact on health and safety is a matter that must be considered. Glass fiber is a kind of man-made mineral fiber. It has no harm to human beings and is carcinogenic. People are very concerned about it, especially when asbestos is listed as the substance of heart, people’s concern is more understandable.

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So far, government departments and researchers in many countries believe that glass fiber is unlikely to cause cancer. The Canadian government concluded that “glass fibers are not likely to have carcinogenic effects on people,” and “glass fibers do not enter the environment to harm people’s lives and the number and way of glass.” Over the past ten years, a large number of research data in some European and American countries have shown that neither the mice nor the people inhaled the fiberglass pile, and the incidence of lung cancer increased.

The main factors determining the human effects of glass fiber are:

1. The contact between man and glass fiber, including glass fiber concentration and contact time in air.
2. The physical and chemical properties of glass fiber, including dissolution, persistence and static charge in the lung.
3. The extent of the removal of glass fiber from the body and the residence time in the lung.
4. The length and diameter of the glass fiber.

The length and diameter of these factors are the most important. The length of human inhalable glass fiber is 5-200 m, and the diameter is less than 3 m. The short fiber and fine fiber with the ratio of length to diameter and 3:1 are easier to be inhaled, but it is also easily removed from the lungs.

Asbestos is sucked into the deep part of the lung. It keeps water in the human body and will not be dissolved. Exposure to glass fiber can cause temporary skin, eye or dry membrane stimulation, but few allergic reactions occur. Itchy skin is not an allergic reaction, but a mechanical stimulus.

Here are several common – sense suggestions:

1, wear comfortable long sleeved clothes well in the wrist, ankle tighten, wear gloves. The work is finished. Wash your skin with mild soap and warm water.
2, if necessary, if the working face is above the head, cut off safety glasses, wear a hat and a collar.
3. Wear a mask when working in an airtight or poorly ventilated place or using electric tools.
4, keep the workplace clean;
5. Use the correct cutting tools;
6. It is possible to use high efficiency dust collecting system.
7, when the product is dismantled and the place is cleaned, please spray water to reduce the fibers in the air.
8. Change the clothes immediately after the work is finished.
9. Clean the work clothes separately.

The proposal of Zhongtian Electric Equipment Group enables you to prevent irritation when you are in contact with fiberglass products. Fiberglass is still considered to be a very safe product. In particular, reinforced fiberglass roving products are safer and thicker. Please feel free to use them.

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