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What determines the quality of glass fiber insulation products

Insulation tubing will naturally not be able to deal with the difficulties encountered in the production process, of course, will affect the quality of the product. Therefore, for manufacturers, if they want to improve the quality of their products, they must hire some experienced professionals so that they can guarantee product quality to a great extent. The choice of raw materials is also a decisive factor affecting the quality of glass fiber insulation products. Because if the raw material that the manufacturer chooses is relatively good, then the product quality must be higher, if the raw material chosen is relatively poor, no matter how mature the production technology, can not produce high-quality products.

insulation tube

Simply put, it is a material that isolates the charged body from other parts. Insulation material has very great resistance to DC current. Under the action of DC voltage, except for the tiny surface leakage current, it is practically non-conductive. For AC current, there is a capacitive current, but it is also considered not to be. Conductive. The greater the resistivity of the insulating material, the better the insulation performance. The equipment and environment in which insulating paper is usually used are special, so the material for making these insulating papers is also very demanding.

Turn on or off the high voltage isolation switch, drop the fuse, etc. Insulating rods are one of the most commonly used safety tools for grass-roots rural power workers. They are mainly used to stop power transmission to rural distribution transformers and line switches. They are directly in contact with high-voltage electrified bodies. Therefore, it is necessary to properly master the insulation levers. Use requirements and precautions. Every year, an AC withstand voltage test must be conducted. Unqualified insulation rods shall be scrapped and destroyed immediately. They shall not be reduced in standard use, and shall not be put together with qualified insulation rods.

Refers to the ability of the insulating material to resist combustion when it comes into contact with the flame or to prevent it from continuing to burn when leaving the flame. With the increasing application of insulating materials, the requirements for its anti-combustibility are more important. People use various means to improve and improve the anti-combustibility of insulating materials. The higher the flame resistance, the better its safety. Under the specified test conditions, the insulating material withstands the arc effect along its surface. During the test, AC arc high voltage and low current were used to determine the arc resistance of the insulating material by the arc voltage generated by the high voltage between the two electrodes and the time required for forming the conductive layer on the surface of the insulating material. The greater the time value, the better its arc resistance.

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