Glass fabric and glass material

Discussion on the difference between glass fabric and glass material

Today’s handicraft, from glass manufacturing into a large proportion of processing, glass classification is a lot of glass products is a dazzling array. The main market of glass is medical, chemical, home and so on; and the performance application of fireproof and flame retardant glass fiber cloth, glass fiber cloth materials can absorb a lot of heat and prevent the flame from passing through and isolating the air when the flame is burned. What’s the difference between fiberglass cloth and glass?

In fact, the difference between the two is not so obvious, the material is similar, only in the production of different environmental applications, in the content of silicon dioxide in the difference, the general content of glass silica in the range of 70 to 75%, and glass fiber silicon dioxide content control under 60%. Glass is an inorganic material that has been melted at high temperatures (800 degrees or more, daily glass is usually melted at 1100 degrees).

Fiberglass cloth is pulled glass into very fine glass filament, glass filament has very good flexibility. The glass fiber can be spun into yarn and then woven into glass fiber cloth by loom. The glass is not burning, and the burning is to improve the properties of the fiberglass cloth, the resin material coated on the surface of the fiberglass cloth, or the attached impurity.

In the process of epoxy or phenolic board, sometimes the body will feel itchy when touching debris skin, which is caused by glass fiber cloth. Direct contact with the skin, the broken fibers of the skin irritation is relatively large, so it will be very itchy, which also reminds us to avoid ash and cause skin problems during processing, we can process the process of irrigation, this will be much better.

To further understand the merits and demerits of fiberglass fabric, you can read our website’s epoxy boards or phenolic boards and fiberglass boards, which can help to understand this material.

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