G11 epoxy board is the best choice

G11 epoxy board – high-speed rail electrical equipment is the best choice
Today I am going to introduce you to the G11 epoxy board for insulation materials used in high-speed rail electrical equipment. What advantages does it have for high-speed rail? What material is it? And so on. I will make a detailed description.

g11 material
First, let’s see what material is processed in G11 epoxy board.

It is the best performance in today’s epoxy board. The main processing materials are epoxy resin and electrical glass cloth, which are made by high temperature and hot pressing. In fact, it is a synthetic polymer compound.

What is the advantage of using G11 epoxy board for high-speed rail equipment?

(1) Insulation characteristics of G11 material. The most important thing for electrical equipment is insulation. Only insulation can better protect the safe operation of electrical products. Today’s G11 epoxy boards have a breakdown voltage of up to 40kv. It is still impossible to achieve its breakdown voltage.
(2) The thermal stress of the G11 epoxy board is strong. Its thermal stress is as high as 288 degrees. As the name suggests, when an object is subjected to temperature changes, the internal expansion or deformation is inconsistent and the internal stress is generated by mutual restraint. Its high thermal stress greatly reduces the influence of temperature on the performance of the sheet.
(3) The G11 board is resistant to high temperatures. Its high temperature resistance value is about 160 degrees, which is the highest value of the high temperature resistance of epoxy boards. Its high temperature resistance retards the adverse effects of high temperature on material delamination, cracking, color fade, and weakened performance.
(4) The elasticity of G11 insulation material is good. This is convenient for people to process into different types of plates, and its elasticity is good, which can reduce the impact of external forces on the plates.
(5) Flame retardancy of G11 insulation board. It is a flame retardant material and is graded to UL 94V-0. In this case, if the fire occurs due to aging of materials or other reasons, the material can well prevent the spread of fire, and strive for more time for people to rescue and minimize losses.

High-speed rail is now an important means of transportation for land-based people. Now it is the third important diplomacy after Chinese panda and ping-pong. It greatly closes our distance from the world. So high-end equipment naturally has every part of it. Be careful. In terms of insulation materials, G11 epoxy board has won the favor of people because of its high performance.

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