G10 insualtion board

Talking about the definition and characteristics of G10 insulation board.

There are many different grades of insulation boards. Today, we are talking about an insulation board called G10 insulation board. When we purchase the G10 insulation board, we must also know its characteristics, so that we can accurately determine whether the G10 meets the needs of our place. The more expensive the insulation board is, the better it is. Only using everything is the right choice.

G10 insulation board is also a kind of epoxy glass fiber cloth laminated board, which is imported by importing non-alkali glass fiber cloth to import epoxy resin, and add the corresponding imported flame retardant, adhesive and other additives; Hard plate insulating material.

Color: Yellow / light green, regular grid: 1220x1020x0.2-100mm

G10 insulation epoxy board

G10 insulation board features:
1. Excellent low water absorption
The water absorption is almost 0; after 24 hours of immersion, the water absorption is only: 0.09%
2. Excellent heat resistance and flame retardancy
Heat resistance up to 160-180 °C; Flame retardant: UL 94 V-0
3 excellent mechanical processing performance

According to the customer’s requirements, the board can be stamped and cut to directly provide insulating parts. Epoxy glass cloth laminate application: 1. Insulating structure parts for motors and electrical equipment 2. Can be used in humid environment and transformer oil 3. High voltage switchgear, high voltage switch. (such as insulation material at the two ends of the stator of the motor, rotor insulation plate of the rotor end plate, slot wedges, wiring board, etc.)

For G10 insulation board, I think we should already have a rough understanding of it! If you have a need for G10 insulation board, you can come to ztelec group to purchase, I believe you will get a satisfactory quality and the right price.

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