FRP Tubes/Epoxy Tube

FRP Tubes/Epoxy Tube

Our company has all kinds of insulating tubes. Epoxy resin pipe, winding pipe, phenolic cotton cloth tube, phenolic paper tube, crepe paper tube, etc. This is mainly about epoxy tubes. These tubes are of high use value and are most suitable for electrical insulation. We have more than ten years of mature technology and rich experience.

We also provide size customization, shape and size according to customer requirements. Sound insulation with high mechanical strength and good thermal conductivity. Short delivery time, your own factory and research team.

frp tubes epoxy tube

Application of Epoxy Tube

Busbar support
Gasket for dry type transformer
11kV/3kV cross weapon
Power and distribution transformers
Grounded discharge rod
And other applications

FRP Tubes are Available in

epoxy resin

Our company has a strong strength in insulation materials and transformers in China, also has a number of international certification. If you are interested in this product or other products of our company, please contact me. Buyers and distributors are welcome to contact us. I look forward to hearing from you. Email:

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