FR4 insulation board and 3240 insulation board

Applicability of FR4 insulation board and 3240 insulation board.

Let’s first look at what FR-4 is. Fr4 is a code for the grade of fire-resistant materials. It is a rigid plate-like insulating material made of epoxy resin impregnated with imported alkali-free glass fiber cloth and hot-pressed. Its mechanical strength, heat resistance and other properties Have better performance. What is 3240 then? A rigid plate-like insulating material made of an electroless epoxy resin impregnated with an epoxy resin and a phenol resin, which has been hot-pressed.

What are the characteristics of the products?

(FR-4) product has excellent mechanical processing performance; excellent low water absorption (water absorption is almost 0: water absorption after 24 hours of immersion is only: 0.09%); good dielectric strength, chemical resistance, resistance Radiation and thermal shock resistance; Good tensile strength, flexural strength, and low temperature adaptability; Good electrical properties and low electrical losses, both in high-humidity or dry environments, and with flame retardancy and Heat resistance. (3240) Has a certain degree of electrical insulation.

Product color
(FR4), the color is natural yellow (the color of pure epoxy resin); after thermosetting, according to the different baked time, there will be some differences in the depth of the color, and will not affect the product performance. (3240) is yellow.

Comparison of the comprehensive performance of high-strength fiberboard (FR-4) and traditional epoxy phenolic glass cloth laminate (3240)

1. The breakdown voltage and vertical layer electrical strength of the epoxy phenolic glass cloth laminated board (3240) is low, and the insulation resistance is relatively small after water immersion; however, the strength is slightly lower.

2. (3240) Insulation Fixtures, especially those with complex shapes, improperly processed surfaces, tend to absorb moisture and produce delamination phenomenon, resulting in low voltage resistance in parallel layers and affecting product quality. (FR-4) When processed into an insulating fixture, the machined surface is flat and it is not easy to produce delamination, and the product quality is stable.

3, (FR-4) has heat resistance, continuous working temperature (in air) 150 °C; and flame retardant, UL 94VO grade.

4. (3240) has very low flame retardancy and cannot reach UL 94VO

5. The thickness tolerance of (3240) is relatively large, and there is no applicability to products with higher electronic requirements.

6. The price of (3240) has a greater advantage than the price of (FR-4)

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