Electrical Insulating Material – the Price of Epoxy Sheet Processing Parts

How much is the price of FR-4 epoxy sheet processing parts

The electrical insulating material – the epoxy sheet, also known as the glass fiberboard, the glass fiber board and the epoxy laminates, is a common electronic material, which is often processed into various parts for the use of insulation and support in the electronic products. It has various models, such as high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, high strength, low water absorption and so on. FR-4 is the most widely used type. How much is the price of FR-4 epoxy sheet processing parts?

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Let’s explain the FR-4 epoxy board first

FR4 epoxy board is made of electronic grade fiberglass cloth, epoxy resin and flame retardant. High temperature 120 degrees Celsius, in a short period of time can be used at 130 degrees Celsius and higher temperature. It has certain corrosion resistance to acid, alkali, salt and other chemicals. Its chemical properties are stable, its low temperature resistance is good and its water absorption is low. Therefore, whether it is cold, cold, hot, wet or dry environment, it can work as usual. FR-4 epoxy board also has the function of flame-retardant, which is not available in other types of epoxy boards. Once burned, it will extinguish itself.

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FR-4 epoxy plate processing price

The price of epoxy board depends on its material, process level and size. The complexity of the processing parts, the price is more expensive. In addition, the quality and price of the processing parts produced by different manufacturers are different. The best choice to buy is to set up a long time and good reputation, and the quality of the small workshop is not guaranteed.

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