Why are the FR4 epoxy plates used in the transformer framework

Why are the FR4 epoxy plates used in the transformer framework

The application of FR4 epoxy board is very extensive, the manufacture of mobile phone computer insulation parts, the manufacture of TV and fridge transformer skeleton. These are used in the FR4 epoxy plate. FR4 epoxy plate is widely recognized by the market for its superior performance. At the same time, it is a kind of sheet made of high temperature and hot pressing of epoxy resin by electric glass cloth. It has a certain environmental protection type and reached EU standard. Therefore, FR4 epoxy plate is also recognized by foreign market.

FR4 epoxy board

Why do we use FR4 epoxy board in the framework of transformers? What are the advantages of FR4 epoxy panels compared with other types of epoxy panels?

The advantages of FR4 epoxy plate:

First of all, the entire process of the use of electric power operation machinery, energy saving and emission reduction, no pollution to the environment.

Secondly, the density of FR4 epoxy board is relatively small, only between 1.70-1.90g/cm, which is suitable for making the skeleton of transformer.

Third, FR4 epoxy plate has a certain strength, strong resistance to fatigue, strong support, so as the skeleton of the transformer not only bears the characteristics of insulation, but also serves as a supporting role.

Finally, the FR4 epoxy plate surface is very flat, the working time of the transformer does not stop work, the season does not divide time, so it needs to withstand the test of high temperature in the summer, and the high temperature resistance of the FR-4 epoxy plate is up to B grade, and it can be fully qualified for the use of the transformer. From the above points of view, it is appropriate to use FR4 epoxy board to make transformer skeleton.

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