FR4 Epoxy glass sheet

FR4 Epoxy glass sheet
Base material: Electronic grade fiberglass cloth
Resin:Heat-resistant epoxy resin
colour: Principle color/Green
Size: 2000*1000/1020*2020(customizable)

FR4 Epoxy glass sheet Application:
Transformer, High voltage switch、High voltage switch cabinet、Electric machinery、
Electrical appliances、 Pcb、 Die insulation board、 Welding heat insulation, etc.

laminating epoxy

Place of Origin:Henan, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:ZTELEC
Model Number:FR-4
Type:Insulation Sheet
Material:Fiberglass, Glass Fiber
Application:High Voltage
Rated Voltage:600V
Tensile Strength:≥340MPa
Product name: FR-4
Vertical layer bending strength (normal):≥340MPa
Parallel to the impact strength:≥38KJ/m2
Dielectric constant (50Hz):≤5.5
Dielectric loss factor (50Hz):≤0.04
Insulation resistance after immersion:≥5.0*1010Ω

FR4 Epoxy glass sheet Parameters:

FR4 Epoxy glass sheet

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