FR-4 epoxy board production process

FR4 Epoxy glass sheet

FR-4 Epoxy Board Production Process

FR-4 is a code name for a flame-resistant material. It means a material specification that the resin material must be self-extinguishing after being burned. It is not a name for electrical insulation material, but a material grade, so it is generally There are many types of FR-4 grades used in circuit boards, but most are composites made of so-called four-function epoxy plus fillers and fiberglass.

So let’s discuss the production process of FR-4 epoxy board.

Surface Preparation and Treatment of FR-4 Epoxy Glass Cloth Laminate

1. After the copper surface is patterned and etched to form a circuit, try to reduce the handling and contact of the PTFE surface.
2. The etched PTFE surface has sufficient roughness for bonding.
3. Copper surface treatment should ensure optimum bond strength.

Superposition and Lamination of Epoxy Board

Recommended bonding (press or plate) temperature: 425 ° F (220 ° C)
1. Bake the layers to remove moisture.
2. A pressure field should be used between the tool plate and the first plate to allow for even distribution of pressure in the plate.
3. The board must consist of a thin layer of TAC BOND supplied by the supplier. Be careful to prevent contamination when cutting thin layers and stacking.
4. To assist in lamination, vacuum treatment is carried out for 20 minutes before heating.
5. Place a thermocouple in the peripheral area of ​​the center plate to determine temperature monitoring and appropriate cycles.
6. The plate can be loaded onto a cold or preheated press platen.
7. Once loaded into the press, the pressure can be applied immediately.
8. Maintain hot pressing at 425 °F (230 °C) for at least 15 minutes.
9. Minimize the time of no pressure during the lamination process.

As an increasingly important electrical insulating material in the industry, FR-4 epoxy board has excellent physical and chemical properties and simple construction technology, and also has high cost performance, and its market advance is extremely broad. Our company is epoxy sheet supplier, with many years of technology to produce epoxy board and insulation materials, welcome to inquire.

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