Why Is The FR-4 Epoxy Board Much Better Than The 3240 Epoxy Board?

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Why is the FR-4 epoxy board much better than the 3240 epoxy board?

This is a question that many people are asking. What are their differences?FR4 epoxy sheet and 3240 epoxy board are the two most common epoxy boards used in the market. It is said that the FR-4 epoxy plate is better than the 3240 epoxy plate.

what’s the difference between them?

FR4 environmental protection.
3240 epoxy board is halogen free, which is not very environmentally friendly. It also does not conform to the national strategy of green sustainable development. And the FR-4 epoxy plate is the opposite.

FR4 has good stability.
FR4 dimensional stability is better than 3240, and in the pressing process, FR4 thickness tolerance control is much better than 3240, which is more suitable for machining.

FR4 has good flame retardancy.
FR4 is an improved 3240 epoxy plate. The flame retardancy of FR-4 epoxy board is in line with the national UL 94V-0 standard. 3240 epoxy plate has no flame retardancy. FR4 can have natural extinguishing function in case of fire.

The color and lustre is bright.
The color of FR4 is very natural, a bit of jade feel, and the color of the 3240 epoxy board is a bit dazzling. It doesn’t look very natural. Most of the colors are not very uniform.

Water absorbability is small.
Its water absorbency (D-24/23, plate thickness 1.6mm): less than 19mg, and small water absorbency makes it play a better role in wet transformers and other equipment.

Because the FR-4 epoxy board has good performance compared with the 3240 epoxy board, so today it is the preferred material for the insulation parts of the high-end electrical and electronic industry. Of course, the 3240 epoxy board has a certain market because of its price advantage. Actually, I don’t think it’s really good or bad. It depends on where you use it. The material suitable for yourself is the best material.

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