FR-4 epoxy board manufacturer

FR-4 epoxy board manufacturer

FR-4 epoxy board is made of electronic electrical grade E-glass fiber cloth impregnated with high-performance epoxy resin and hot pressed, and unlike ordinary insulation board, it has the function of flame retardant, that is, after combustion Extinguish itself, flame retardant rating UL-94VO. FR-4 epoxy board can be processed into a variety of insulating parts such as switches, transformer skeletons, support plates, gaskets, and diaphragms. Where is the FR-4 epoxy board manufacturer?

FR-4 epoxy board
Want to process FR-4 epoxy board to Wuxi Weibang Composite Materials Co., Ltd. Our technical staff will carefully study the drawings sent by customers and proofing them free of charge, and the customers have mass production later. The customer’s requirements for product size, density, and specifications will be met and satisfactory questionnaires will be produced.

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We not only process FR-4 epoxy board, but also a professional manufacturer. The use of the best quality raw materials, after a number of processes, strict control of temperature and pressure, to produce the best products. The epoxy board produced by Verbund has a smooth surface, a small thickness tolerance, no scratches and white spots, and no burrs. The performance of high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, high strength, low water absorption, thermal expansion coefficient, to the national quality standards.

Since its inception, the company has been continuously developing and progressing. It has become an epoxy board production, processing and sales company. We put the customer’s requirements first, and always implement the concept of “preferential price, high quality materials, excellent service”. . There are demand in this area, welcome new and old customers to order. Any question can be clicked on the online customer service consulting on the page.

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