Four performances of electrical insulation materials aging

Interpretation of the four major manifestations of aging of electrical insulation materials

Electrical insulation materials will cause aging of materials due to high temperature, mechanical action, vibration, heat rise and contraction, etc. What is the specific form of aging? How do you know that the material is aging? This has become a mystery in many people’s minds. Today I collected some information to help you uncover the confusion in your happiness.

electrical insulator materials

Insulation performance decline
All kinds of electrical equipment are regularly tested and repaired. When it is tested, its insulation performance can be seen. The aged insulation material will decrease in physical properties and insulation properties, and even more will be lost. This becomes a conductor, causing malfunction of the electrical equipment.

Delaminate phenomenon
With the loss of time and the influence of external conditions, the delamination of the sheet will occur. It is also the weathering phenomenon we often say.

Production of bubbles on the surface of insulating sheets
This phenomenon is very good judgment, can be seen with the naked eye, so that the insulation material can be replaced in time to ensure safe use.
White flower
It is possible that all or part of it may be whitened, which is a hint to us.

There are many aging manifestations of insulating materials, as well as flaws, cracks, discoloration, etc. on the surface. I will not list them here. If you want to know more, you are welcome to keep an eye on our website.

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