Flame retardancy principle of 3240 Epoxy Plate

Principle of Flame Retardancy of 3240 Epoxy Resin Plate

Because of the rapid development of polymer chemistry and electrical industry in recent years, the field of insulating materials is particularly notable. For example, the heat resistance and flame retardancy of 3240 epoxy plate are also higher and higher. Most applications require high electrical strength, mechanical properties and electrical insulation properties of the insulating materials.

At present, most of the insulation materials are made of halogen – containing flame retardants, which not only cause serious pollution to the environment, but also cause harm to the human body. So what is the flame retardancy principle of 3240 epoxy?

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In order to obtain the flame retardant and the 3240 epoxy plate with excellent heat resistance, the high temperature resistant flame retardant was obtained from the high temperature resistant resin in advance with the phosphorous containing flame retardant, and then the epoxy phenolic resin was modified by the flame retardant.

The reason is that a phosphate containing polymer combustor can easily produce a liquid membrane with a boiling point of 300 degrees and unflammable. It can isolate oxygen, dehydrate phosphoric acid to produce partial phosphoric acid, and further polymerize to polyphosphoric acid, which can make the polymer dehydrated and carbonize to form a carbon layer on the surface of the 3240 epoxy plate, and reduce the temperature.

Zhongtian Electric Equipment Group reminds everyone that the flame retardant is divided into addition type and reactivity. The former will not react with the matrix, but the flame retardant effect is good when the quantity must reach 50%, but it affects the mechanical properties of the 3240 epoxy plate. At present, phosphorus-based flame retardants are widely used. It is a common method to modify 3240 epoxy board with phosphorus-based reactive flame retardants.

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