The glass fiber rod is a composite material in which glass fiber and its products (glass  cloth, tape, felt, yarn, etc.) are used as reinforcing materials and synthetic resin is  used as a base material. The concept of composite material refers to a material that cannot  meet the requirements of use. It needs to be composed of two or more materials to form  another material that can meet people’s requirements, namely composite materials. A single  kind of glass fiber, although high in strength, but loose between fibers, can only  withstand tensile forces, can not withstand bending, shearing and compressive stress, but  also difficult to make a fixed geometry, is a soft body. If they are bonded together with  synthetic resin, they can be made into a variety of rigid products with a fixed shape, can  withstand tensile stress, glass fiber rods are mainly used for sunshade support rods,  awning struts, tent poles, agricultural greenhouses Struts, mosquito net struts, luggage  skeleton, nursery stents and so on.

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