Factors to accelerate the aging of FR4 epoxy plate

Factors to accelerate the aging of FR4 epoxy plate

Aging is an irreversible law of nature. Though unavoidable, it is possible to postpone the idea. This requires us to understand the factors that accelerate the aging of FR4 epoxy board. Next I will give a professional account of this problem.

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The effect of mechanical stress:
The common mechanical forces are constant, vibratory, thermal expansion, and cold contraction cycles. These stresses have certain effects on fatigue and creep of plates.

Erosion of natural conditions:
If used outdoors, natural conditions of wind, rain, strong sunlight, the performance of FR4 epoxy board are harmful but not beneficial.

Physical force radiation:
In the nuclear reaction and the insulation materials in the X ray device, the properties of FR4 epoxy plates will be damaged to varying degrees.

Damage to tropical microbes:
In many tropical areas, microbes have eroded the FR4 epoxy board, which is what we often call microbial aging.

Chemical corrosion:
Some free substances in air such as acid and ozone have certain corrosion on FR4 epoxy board.

The above factors for accelerating the aging of FR4 epoxy board are provided by Zhongtian electrical insulation material. Only by understanding its aging factors can the aging of the plate be delayed. Only by lowering the purchase price can we reduce the quality of the epoxy board. There is an ancient Chinese saying, one point at a price.

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