Epoxy resin heat-resistant insulating material

Epoxy resin heat-resistant insulating material

Epoxy resin has excellent electrical insulation property. It has good bonding strength, mechanical property and operation technology. It is widely used in the manufacture of electrical and electronic products. With the development of electrical and electronic industry, it has put forward higher requirements for the heat resistance, impact resistance and moisture resistance of the insulating materials. Verify the life and reliability of electrical and electronic products.

The coordination of bisphenol A epoxy resin and acid anhydride curing agent is a common material in electrical insulation industry. The dielectric loss, dielectric strength, volume resistivity and corrosion resistance of the curing agent are greatly influenced by the composition and purity of bisphenol A epoxy resin.

But by improving the purity of epoxy resin and reducing the concentration of residual polar groups which do not participate in the reaction, it is improved. The heat resistance and toughness of epoxy resin are difficult to improve at the same time in a simple way. Epoxy resin / polyurethane interpenetrating network method is used to improve the heat resistance and toughness of epoxy resin, so as to obtain high heat resistance (F grade) electrical insulation material.

The heat resistance and technological properties of the cured epoxy resin are different. When the bisphenol A epoxy resin is cured with an amine curing agent, the heat resistance index of the cured substance can reach above 145 degrees C, but the match amount is small, the use period is short and the process is good when the acid anhydride is solidified, but the heat resistance index is generally only about 135 degrees C, and the bisphenol A epoxy tree The cured polyester and bismaleimide have good heat resistance but poor impact strength.

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