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Epoxy resin board prices” “How much is the epoxy board?” Many users have asked me this question recently. I am very helpless about this question. Why is it so?
The reason for this is because the epoxy board sells at a different price for each company. For example, if you take the goods from a trader, and the manufacturer takes the goods, then the price will definitely have a big difference, or it will be invoiced or not. Invoicing and other reasons, so hard to say that the cost of epoxy board I do not know how to answer,
But you are asking me the price of the epoxy board in my zhongtian group, then I can be very responsible and you say that my company is specialized in producing and processing epoxy board products, which belongs to factory direct sales, so if you are in my company wholesale or Processing epoxy board, in general, will be much cheaper than the market, the specific costs can be further contact with the company’s sales staff, very much welcome to inquire.

Epoxy board price

What is an epoxy board?

Epoxy board, also known as epoxy glass fiberboard, epoxy phenolic laminated glass cloth, model number 3240, epoxy resin refers to the organic molecules containing two or more epoxy groups in the molecule, except In addition, their relative molecular mass is not high. The molecular structure of epoxy resin is characterized by the presence of active epoxy groups in the molecular chain. The epoxy group can be located at the end, in the middle or in a ring structure of the molecular chain. Due to the presence of reactive epoxy groups in the molecular structure, they can be cross-linked with various types of curing agents to form insoluble, infusible polymers having a three-dimensional network structure.

Epoxy board: Glass fiber cloth is made of epoxy resin bonded with heat and pressure, and the model number is 3240. The mechanical properties are high under medium temperature, and the electrical performance is stable under high humidity. Suitable for high insulation structural parts used in machinery, electrical appliances and electronics, with high mechanical and dielectric properties, good heat resistance and moisture resistance. Thermal class F grade (155 degrees).

insulating paint
Specification thickness: 0.5~100mm
General specifications: 1000mm*2000mm
Color: Yellow
Origin: Domestic
Heat deformation at high temperature of 180°C, generally not heated with other metals, may cause deformation of sheet metal

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