Epoxy resin board and bakelite sheet

The difference between epoxy resin board and bakelite sheet.

Bakelite sheet manufacturing process

The epoxy resin board is made by impregnating an epoxy phenolic resin with an alkali-free glass fiber cloth, and baking and hot pressing. The electric board is a composite material which is overlapped with phenolic resin and cotton paper, and then pressed and solidified at a high temperature. What is the difference between the performance of epoxy resin board and electric board?

The bakelite sheet has the advantages of good mechanical strength, anti-static, intermediate electrical insulation, etc. The performance of the electric board is also very good, the specific gravity is 1.45, the warpage is low, the machinability is good, the electrical performance is good, and the operating temperature range is -40 – Between 100 ° C. The epoxy resin sheet has high mechanical properties and dielectric properties, high heat resistance and moisture resistance, and the use of the epoxy resin sheet is also very extensive, and is generally used as an insulating material in some electrical and electronic equipment. use. Epoxy plates are available in 3240, FR-4, G10, and G11 models. Different grades of raw materials and different additives can be used to obtain different types of epoxy boards.

epoxy resin board

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