Electrical Insulating Material- Which Epoxy Plate Has Resistance to High Temperature

Which kind of epoxy plate has better resistance to high temperature

Electrical insulation materials are temperature resistant, because the electrical equipment in use, will produce high temperature, if the insulation can not withstand the temperature, the entire electrical apparatus can not run. Epoxy plate is a common edible electrical insulating material, and there are many models. Each model is different, so what kind of epoxy board has better heat resistance?

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Common type of epoxy plate
The most used epoxy boards are 3240, G11, G10 and FR-4 four. In comparison, 3240 aspects of the performance to be poor, FR-4 has a flame retardant function, high temperature 130 degrees Celsius, G10 besides not containing halogen elements, the other properties and FR-4, the high temperature resistance of G11 is especially good, can reach 180 degrees Celsius.

The characteristics of G11 material
G11 this model, G represents glass fiber. It is made of glass fiber, epoxy resin, curing agent and adhesive in proportion at high temperature. It has the advantages of high temperature resistance, high strength, resistance to voltage shock, low water absorption, stable size, small thermal expansion coefficient, corrosion resistance and so on. It can be used in bad environment. For example, moist high temperature, dry and cold environment.

g11 insulation material


In many epoxy panels, G11 has the best ability to withstand high temperature. It needs G11 epoxy plate to be purchased by Zhongtian Electric Equipment Group. We produce the insulation board, the color is uniform, smooth, smooth, smooth, hairless, no white spots, black spots, scratches, smooth cutting, through a number of international quality certification. In addition to this product, we also produce other types of epoxy boards and electrical materials, which are also of superior quality and sell well in the market.

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